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  • Zest
    Let the sea breeze caress you as you enjoy a romantic dinner on the boardwalk and marvel at the glorious view of the legendary Pregnant Maiden Island.

    Diners get to choose from a delicious variety comprising Asia and international cuisine, steamboat, Western candlelight set dinner or a BBQ buffet dinner.

    The new boardwalk was set up in December 2016 and it not only features new furniture but also huge parasols that lent an intimate feel to the whole ambience.

    You can't help but relax in the cool evening air as an idyllic scene unfolds right before your eyes with slow-moving catamaran and boats skimming over the azure waters.

    Adding to the excitement is an opportunity to join in the fish feeding daily at 6.30pm. Schools of fish swarm the side of the boardwalk looking for tasty morsels from guests and hotel workers armed with loaves of bread.

    As the sun dips below the horizon and a glittering array of stars come out to play in the night sky, make sure you don't miss out on the appetising cuisine including the Zest mixed grill, Malai fajitas in hot plate and Steak sandwich with baguette and BBQ sauce.

    The dishes are priced between RM20 and RM50.
    Business hours: 6.00pm - 11.00pm
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